During a recent conversation with Avenged Sevenfold’s bassist Johnny Christ on his Drinks With Johnny YouTube show, Trivium’s lead vocalist and guitarist Matt Heafy shared his admiration for M. Shadows and his talents as a vocalist.

As you may know, Trivium and Avenged Sevenfold entered the metal scene in the same year, 1999. While the first was based in Florida, the latter was from California. Although many expect rock and metal bands to be rivals, that’s actually not the case with most. For instance, in his recent interview, Heafy discussed the shows he attended, which encouraged him to improve himself as a musician.

During his recent interview, Matt recalled one of the first Avenged Sevenfold shows he attended and expressed his excitement. As it turns out, Heafy was there ‘on the floor’ just ‘four rows back from the front screaming his head off‘ to the band’s songs. His appreciation of the band increased when he heard ‘Waking the Fallen,’ the band’s second studio album, released in 2003 and was recently certified Platinum.

Matt Heafy took that record to a vocal teacher and told her to teach him how to sing like M. Shadows. However, this was challenging since Shadows has a baritone voice and can sing comfortably in the tenor range. His vocal range spans four octaves, and his vocal style has evolved throughout the years.

Later in the conversation, Matt Heafy reflected on M. Shadows’s talents as a vocalist and said that his vocal coach could not teach him how to sing like A7x’s frontman. Following that, ‘Matt started training with Ron Anderson and then got another 20 octaves,‘ and thus, singing like Shadows remained a dream for Heafy.

Heafy recalled:

“I saw you guys at House of Blues with Mushroomhead. I was on the floor for that one, like, super close.”

To which Johnny responded:

“Yeah, we did two tours. I only did one tour with Mushroomhead, but the guys did an even shorter one before that. But I remember I love those dudes.”

Heafy added:

“Yeah, man, I was probably four rows back from the front screaming my head off to every single word for your guys’ set.”

He went on to say:

“I remember on ‘Waking the Fallen,’ on that record, I remember finding a vocal teacher, bringing that record, I was like, ‘Help me sing like this guy.’

And she couldn’t figure out how to get me to sing like Matt Shadows. And I remember I could never hit the notes that Matt hit. And then, obviously, Matt started training with Ron Anderson and then got another 20 octaves.”

You can check out the interview and listen to ‘Waking the Fallen’ through Spotify below.