Matt Heafy was recently interviewed by Henry Yates from Loudersound, and during their conversation, he shared his thoughts on Trivium’s most challenging songs to sing live.

Trivium released their tenth studio album, ‘In the Court of the Dragon,’ on October 8, 2021. They didn’t waste any time during the pandemic quarantine and started to work on their new album. They had already released three singles and the fans were excitedly waiting for their new work. Apparently, it was worth the wait as some critics regarded it as Trivium’s best work so far.

The album was praised for its creative and experimental elements which was also the case with their previous albums. Trivium, in general, is celebrated for their experimentality and for having unique soundings in each album. Thus, it wouldn’t be surprising to hear that these challenging songs can create some problems on the stage for the band members.

During the interview, Trivium lead vocalist and guitarist Matt Heafy was asked about Trivium’s songs and their potential to be badly screwed up in the shows. Heafy said that all Trivium songs have this potential because they are all challenging.

He referred to their latest album, ‘In the Court of the Dragon,’ and said that the song, ‘The Shadow of the Abattoir,’ is quite tricky because it is low in the verses and has a Bruce Dickinson-high in the final chorus. Matt Heafy expressed that he likes the mistakes he makes during live performances because they are a part of being human. These mistakes enhance the strength of the performances during live shows.

Here is his answer on the potential of Trivium songs:

“Man, they’re all tough. ‘Dragon’s got a lot of right hand. ‘The Shadow Of The Abattoir,’ vocally, that’s low in the verses and Bruce Dickinson-high in the final chorus. What’s interesting is, my favourite shows recently have been where I’ve missed a couple of notes. People like the human element. 

When we did the ‘A Light Or A Distant Mirror’ live stream last year, my friend’s favourite moment was when Alex’s snare drum broke, and he realized it wasn’t pre-recorded. I think we’re one of the only bands whose live stream was actually live.”

You can listen to Trivium’s latest album below.