Trivium frontman Matt Heafy revealed why Megadeth has been such an essential part of the band’s career during a recent appearance on Talk Toomey.

In the conversation, Matt recalled when he joined Trivium at the age of 13 and said that he would listen to Megadeth very often back then. In fact, he covered the band’s ‘Tornado Of Souls’ with Trivium as well.

While saying that Megadeth was a huge inspiration source for Trivium, Heafy also stated Marty Friedman was his favorite guitarist but his replacement Kiko Loureiro also became one of his favorite guitar players.

Matt said that the band’s guitarist Corey Beaulieu’s first favorite band was Megadeth, while his was Metallica. Following this revelation, the musician discussed the connections between the two bands. Then, the frontman said that they wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for Megadeth.

Furthermore, Heafy pointed out that they even asked Dave Mustaine to perform together at the Arena in Maine after watching their show and showed how passionate they were about the legendary band.

Matt Heafy talked about Megadeth’s influence on Trivium:

“I’ve been wanting to show Dave Mustaine – I wonder if I can play it on here, but there’s a cover of me at 13-14 years old playing ‘Tornado of Souls’ by Megadeth in Trivium. I joined Trivium when I was 13, and yeah, I covered it way back then, so Megadeth is a huge inspiration for us, it’s a band without whom we wouldn’t exist.

Marty Friedman was my favorite guitar player, but now they’ve got Kiko, who is one of my favorites from his band Angra – ‘Temple of Shadows,’ massive influence on me. Corey, Megadeth is his favorite band in the world. For me, Metallica was the first band I got into, Megadeth was the first one Corey got into.

And he saw them at the Arena in Maine, and we mentioned it to Dave, like, ‘Hey man, let’s play that same arena on leg two, have Corey’s family come on out, I think that’ll be pretty awesome.'”

Later in the conversation, Matt also explained how he is handling the songwriting process and revealed that he actually can not write new songs when he wants to. Instead, it’s like capturing lightning in a bottle.