Former Guns N’ Roses drummer Matt Sorum defined Axl Rose and Slash’s problems that they had to face during their childhood as a contribution to their careers in his latest interview with Rolling Stone Magazine.

As you may know, Axl Rose had a troubled childhood due to the problems between his mother and father. His parents divorced when he was two years old and after that, his father abducted him and was also accused of abusing Rose but there is no further information about that issue.

Slash also had been through hard times when he was very young even though it can’t be considered as problematic as Axl Rose’s childhood. After his parents divorced, he couldn’t stay in the same place and was always taken to different places by them. Another band member Matt Sorum was angry with his parents due to their divorce.

Thus, Sorum, who is a former member of GN’R, found a chance to get to know and learn some details from his bandmates, Slash and Axl Rose’s lives. He described Slash, Axl Rose, and his own problematic childhood as the essential part of their longtime successful musical career.

In Sorum’s words, he said:

“It’s the same for Axl. Whatever Axl did going into those shows, whatever happened behind the scenes, it made for great rock & roll. Anybody that saw the band back in those days, as much as they bitched and moaned about us being late, they can say it was probably some of the greatest rock & roll they’d ever seen. All that shit that was going on brought a lot of intensity onto the stage.

I used to go on stage some nights so pissed off that I would just have to bash the shit out of the drums. It reminded me of being a kid. I was like, ‘Why did I play the drums in the first place?’  Well, I had a lot of anxiety and anger over the divorce of my parents. It was an unstable household.

We all came from the same background, everybody in that band. Axl came from Indiana and his upbringing was shit. Slash grew up in kind of a weird Hollywood family. That all sort of made for the fireworks.”

Consequently, Matt Sorum thinks that Slash and Axl Rose’s ‘parent issues’ made them better and more motivated musicians who had to change their lives through creating music.