Former Guns N’ Roses drummer Matt Sorum has revealed the real role of Axl Roses in the band during an interview with Gretch Generations.

In 1989, Matt Sorum left the band he was playing, The Cult, to join Guns N’ Roses. He joined the band after his drumming talent was noticed by Slash during one of his The Cult performances. Furthermore, he replaced Steven Adler in the band as Adler couldn’t keep up with the band due to his addiction.

During his career with Guns N’ Roses, Sorum appeared on three GN’R albums. Moreover, the drummer also performed on all 194 shows throughout their ‘Use Your Illusion Tour.’ In 1996, however, the band’s frontman Axl Rose fired Sorum following a dispute between them.

Speaking to Gretch Generations in a now-inaccessible interview, Sorum talked about his career in the band and the recording process of the song ‘You Ain’t The First.’ The drummer claimed that their producer Mike Clink was more like a babysitter.

Then, reflecting on the time they spent in the studio, Sorum said that the bandleader was Slash. He then added that while working on the songs, Axl Rose would just make sense of what the song was lyrical.

Matt Sorum told Gretch Generations that:

“Producer Mike Clink, in those days, he was more like a babysitter than a producer. So we would get there at noon, and Slash was really the band leader, so we’d walk in the studio and pretty much sit down, and we had all these rough forms of songs written, like working titles. And basically lay them down, and then Axl Rose would make sense of what it was lyrically.”

Following his departure from Guns N’ Roses, Sorum joined The Cult once again to feature on one of their albums. As for now, the musician has been drumming for the supergroup Hollywood Vampires since 2015.