During a recent conversation with Hardcore Humanism with Dr. Mike, the vocalist-guitarist Max Cavalera revealed how he stole the first microphone of Sepultura from a pop band in the past.

Since its first appearance on the metal scene in 1984, Sepultura has impacted the music world. Throughout the band’s music career, they have tried to examine new sounds influencing the metal scene.

The group impacted the genres such as nu-metal, thrash metal, and hardcore punk with the albums like ‘Morbid Visions,’ ‘Beneath the Remains,’ and ‘Arise.’ Also, the band received positive reviews from many significant rockers like Lemmy Kilmister and Dave Grohl with the 1996 album ‘Roots.’

Of course, as in every group, Sepultura did not start its career from the top. While gradually getting recognition, they faced some difficulties at the beginning of their career.

As the Sepultura’s founder Cavalera revealed in a recent conversation, they made a plan to steal the microphone from a pop band once. The founding member explained that he jumped the stage, took the microphone, put it in his pants, and left. This microphone was their first one, as the rocker said.

Max Cavalera explained in his words:

“You know, even our first microphone that I got, it was like, there was a whole plan. We made a whole plan to see a pop band at a free show in the city, and we went, ‘this is the plan. When it’s dark on the stage, one of you motherf*ckers launches me on the stage. I’ll jump and grab the mic, put it in my pants, and jump back in the crowd.’

And it f*cking worked, man. I f*cking jumped in, grabbed the mic, stuffed it in my pants, jumped back, and we were gone. ‘Alright, we got a mic.’ You know, ‘Thank you, pop band.’ We got our first microphone, man. We had to do sh*t like that to survive.”

You can listen to the entire conversation below.