Ex-Sepultura Max Cavalera is currently playing the songs of the his old band Sepultura’s Roots album as part of the “Return To Roots” tour. In the days we passed, he said that it would be great to reunite Sepultura. You can reach it from here.

In an interview with Impact named Youtube channel, Max Cavalera and his brother Igor Cavalera spoke about the Donald Trump and election of US President. According to Max, Trump is a liar and corrupt. He said:

It’s a joke. It was two weak candidates. I think the Democratic party had somebody [running for the presidency] who was trying to [do the right thing], but had a history of untrusting kind of stuff. And the other side [had] Trump, which is the biggest joke ever. The guy is a liar and corrupt. I don’t know… He has really screwed a lot of people in his lifetime and I think he’s gonna do a lot of bad stuff.

The way the country is heading now doesn’t look good. There’s a lot of anger. Yeah, it’s bad. I think it’s gonna be some tough four years. Because I think Obama was a really good president. People don’t give him too much credit, but he did a lot of great stuff.”

Max’s brother, Igor’s thoughts are as follows:

“As a person also, I really respect Obama. I have no respect at all for Trump as a person. Even for Hillary, no matter how bad things got, I know she can carry a conversation with some other people, whereas this guy… I don’t know… For me, the biggest mistake was letting him run. With the history he had, he shouldn’t be allowed to be running for president. And look where we are right now. So it’s sad times, I think.

You can watch the entire interview from the below.