We all know that the Cavalera brothers and the currently members of Sepultura are not open up to reunite. But, I think that’s changed and Max Cavalera is positive about the reunion.

he Cavalera brothers went on a wide world tour in the 20th year of Sepultura’s Roots album. It seemed that their Sepultura love together with this touring flared again. Clearly, Max says the union may be great right now.

Max Cavalera interviewed by Metalpaths TV, he said:

 “If the reunion was done the right way, it would be great. But right now, I don’t even think we need it, because I think this tour [Return to Roots tour] kind of proved to the fans that they don’t even care if it’s all [classic-lineup members].

I think they just like me and Igor – most of the fans just wanna see me and Igor – so I almost think that is the reunion, as far as I’m concerned and as far as a lot of fans are concerned.

But if eventually that day comes that [Andreas Kisser] says that – I don’t think that’s gonna happen, because I know him [laughs] – but if it does, yeah, of course, we would do a proper reunion tour.

Max said in an interview with Alternative Nation on September 20th that he had no need for reunion. Click here to read that interview.