In a recent Louder Sound exclusive excerpt, Soulfly frontman Max Cavalera talked about a time when there was a bomb threat at one of the airports where they were flying from with Korn for a tour of the Russian hockey arenas.

Sepultura’s founder, now Soulfly frontman, didn’t start making spiritual music until he left Sepultura. Despite being very critical of religion, his earlier lyrics for Soulfly were about religion and spirituality. Their subsequent albums, beginning with ‘Dark Ages,’ began to include lyrical themes of violence, anger, and hatred.

Cavalera’s acclaimed autobiography, ‘My Bloody Roots: From Sepultura To Soulfly And Beyond,’ is a completely revised and updated 2022 edition that reflects his career up to the present, including his new band Go Ahead and Die.

The rocker opened up about when they were going to Russia to support Korn in hockey arenas for 20.000 people at each show. He mentioned the tour’s craziness and when there was a bomb threat at one of the airports. He stated that all the flights were stopped, and it was chaos. The rocker added that nothing happened, but it was a terrifying situation.

Max Cavalera’s words on the bomb threat:

“I remember there was a bomb threat in one of the airports when we were there. They stopped all the flights, and it was a tense atmosphere. Everybody was freaking out at the airport. Nothing happened, but it was a very scary situation that sometimes happens on tour. Sh*t gets real very quick.”

Now, the rocker is focused on his new band, Go Ahead and Die, with his son, Igor Amadeus Cavalera. The self-titled album, released last year, combines knowledge of ’80s metal music from the current and old sounds.