Billboard’s top touring bands of October 2019 list has revealed by the official Twitter account of Chart Data. The list shows us Maynard James Keenan’s band, Tool, has earned $5.5 million from their ‘Fear Inoculum’ tour in October 2019.

The list has only one metal band beside of Tool, and it’s British metal legends, Iron Maiden. According to the list, Maiden earned $11.4 million in October 2019.

Check out the entire list below.

“#1 jonasbrothers $23.9M
#2 @BTS_twt $16.5M
#3 gunsnroses $13.2M
#4 IronMaiden $11.4M
#5 theblackkeys $7.8M
#6 JourneyOfficial $7.0M
#7 Eagles $6.2M
#8 BobSeger & Silver Bullet Band $5.7M
#9 LittleMix $5.6M
#10 Tool $5.5M”

You can reach the source of the data below.

Back on November 13, Tool frontman Maynard talked with Gourmet Traveller Wine and revealed the true reason why he moved to Arizona.

Here’s what he said:

“I didn’t move to Arizona to make wine. I moved to just get out of LA. I’m from a small town in Michigan, so I moved to a small town in Arizona, which is close enough to LA to get back and do work but there’s more fresh air here, and a lot more views.”

Click here for the details and whole statement.