Melvins singer Buzz Osborne gave an interview to Revolver and revealed the interesting thing Maynard James Keenan required from Ozzfest.

Buzz Osborne is a guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter who is mainly known for his work in the rock band Melvins. Formed in 1983, Melvins’ early musical efforts highly contributed to the development of grunge and sludge metal. On February 26, they released their 24th studio album ‘Working With God’ and are now planning to release a 36-song album titled ‘Five Legged Dog.’

As you may know, this year marks the 25th anniversary of Tool’s album ‘Ænima.’ Back when the album was released, Buzz Osborne joined Tool during their tour promoting the album as the Melvins opened for the band. In 1998, Tool joined the Ozzfest tour in the U.S. They were the headlining band performing before Ozzy Osbourne and Melvins also played after Tool’s request.

In an interview by Revolver, Buzz Osborne recalled those times. He said that Tool liked their band Melvins, and they performed together for some shows. The musician then stated they did Ozzfest with them, but Ozzfest wanted nothing to do with Melvins.

Following that, Osborne revealed that Tool accepted to perform on the tour with the condition that Melvins had to join as well. According to Osbourne, it was because they wanted at least one band on the tour that they liked.

In the interview, Buzz Osborne recalled the Ozzfest incident as:

“Somehow, Tool liked our band, but I don’t know how. Then we did some shows with them, and we did Ozzfest with them in 1998. That big tour was set up by Ozzy’s wife, and they wanted nothing to do with us. Ozzfest wanted absolutely nothing to do with us at all.

Tool was the headlining band right below Ozzy Osbourne. They said ‘We will not do the tour unless we have at least one band on the tour that we like.

So, we were put into this position where they absolutely do not want us. You know, Tool paid it, we got a decent amount of money to do it, and we weren’t permitted to turn that down. But from that moment on, it was like ‘Yeah, okay. You don’t want us? I don’t give a fuck about you at all.'”

You can check out the rest of the interview below.