Puscifer and Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan was the latest interview guest of the official YouTube channel of Revolver and reflected his thoughts on his favorite frontpeople list as well as the recent virtual live stream of Puscifer.

As you might already follow the official social media accounts of Puscifer that the band made their first-ever live stream during the coronavirus outbreak. The event named ‘Billy D and the Hall of Feathered Serpents featuring ‘Money $hot’ by Puscifer’ was sold out a couple of days before the show.

In his latest interview with Revolver, Maynard admitted that his other bands rather than Puscifer would consider making virtual concerts in the near future. He also put his recently made favorite frontmen in the world list on the table, and he revealed why he choose stars like Gerald Casale, Henry Rollins. He also said that would add anybody that he’s worked with to the list today, naming Nick Cave and Polly Harvey.

Here is what he said about Gerald Casale:

“He’s a nightmare. He is absolutely crazy – in a glorious way on some days and not-glorious way on other days. So you know, sometimes you need that crazy guy up front, and he has it in spades.”

And here is what he said about Joni Mitchell:

“Yeah, she is an absolute rockstar in that terms of fighting the good fight, without it being an issue. She was just ‘doing.’

She wasn’t on some mission to prove something, she was just doing, and people kept assigning like, ‘Oh, she’s doing all these crazy things.‘ She’s like, ‘What? I’m just doing,’ which I think was great.”

He also added his thoughts on Bill Murray:

“Yes he did, and he also got shot in Zombieland, which I thought was unfortunate because I really liked him, and we’re gonna miss him.”

You can watch the whole interview below.

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