Maynard James Keenan recently joined Revolver’s YouTube channel for an interview and talked about whether or not he saw his career leaning towards the heavy metal scene.

Known for being involved with three hard rock/metal bands, Tool, A Perfect Circle, and Puscifer, Maynard James Keenan has been active in the metal scene since 1986. His most recent work is with Puscifer was Puscifer TV, which gives their fans a chance to stream short videos, concert clips, and other exclusive content.

Most musicians were inspired by rock and roll at a young age, and others were exposed to different genres before finding their path. In his recent interview, Keenan was asked if he ever thought he would be involved in the metal world. Maynard’s reply reflected that he belongs to the second category because the musician said he was exposed to several genres when he was young.

He stated that because he grew up in a small town, mainstream music was everywhere, and it wasn’t easy to explore new music. He mentioned that he was influenced by a Jazz musician named Ahmad Jamal and then moved on to whatever was popular during those times, like AC/DC or KISS. Therefore he didn’t really have an opportunity to think about whether he would be in the metal scene or not.

Keenan stated in the interview that:

“I had such a diverse input musically and artistically as a kid. A lot of pop stuff of course living in a small town where you don’t get a lot of the newest cutting-edge things. But, I was influenced, as I mentioned, by Ahmad Jamal, the jazz player who’s been an incredible player since his balls dropped. The guy’s been shredding. He’s an amazing, incredible artist who’s been a huge influence on not only my father but me.

Juxtaposed with Joni Mitchell, juxtaposed with Black Sabbath, and then, of course, all the other stuff comes in as you’re growing, getting older. Like ‘Oh, AC/DC’ and now you’re into AC/DC, and they’re into KISS, and now you’re into it.

Whatever’s coming along, but the foundation was set with the more complex things first. So, you get into the bowl of nachos, but there is definitely some sustenance that happened before that set the bones properly.”

You can watch the full interview below.