The recent report of Alternative Nation shows the hardest Tool song to sing for Maynard James Keenan. The report based on a story of a Tool fan from Reddit.

According to the claim of a Reddit user named Jackstraw335, Maynard James Keenan is not ready to sing Tool’s new song ‘7empest.’

For this reason, Tool has never added that song to their setlist for any of their live shows after the release of the latest album, ‘Fear Inoculum.’

You can read the statement here:

“My buddy met Danny backstage in Tulsa. And asked him when they were going to play 7empest. He said him, Adam and Justin are ready but Maynard isn’t just yet.

Then in the most Danny fashion possible said ‘We’ll hopefully play it on the next leg.’ Just thought I’d share since I know a lot of you are wondering if they’re going to.” He added, “I say in the most Danny fashion possible because 4 years ago he said the album would be out soon 😂.”

Another fan on Reddit has revealed another story about Tool’s latest live gig and said:

“After everyone checked in, we pretty much went into one of the lobby areas and waited again for the rest of the group to finish check-in. Once everyone was checked in, a merch booth that was setting up nearby opened up just for us.

The line was still maintained at this point, so I was 12th in line for merch. They had 2 large bass heads ($1500), 5-6 smaller drum heads ($500), 2 Guitar World magazines signed by Adam ($750) as well as all the other standard merch (only un-signed posters).”

Click here for the source of the statement. You can listen to the song named ‘7empest’ below.