The founder and iconic frontman of Tool, A Perfect Circle, and Puscifer, Maynard James Keenan has come up with the great news that they’re working on getting more of the spectacular merch made, which he called a time travel trigger, after it’s sold out pretty quickly.

The phenomenal supergroup, Puscifer, has taken over the rock and metal music industries with their fourth studio album, ‘Existential Reckoning,’ this year. The band released the brand new album on October 30, 2020, along with a groundbreaking virtual show, ‘Live at Arcosanti.’

The album was produced by Mat Mitchell and Puscifer, and recorded and mixed by Mat Mitchell at Puscifer Studios in North Hollywood. Keenan appears on the album as ‘Dick Merkin,’ alongside the musicians Mat Mitchell, Carina Round, Greg Edwards, Gunnar Olsen, and Sarah Jones.

Shortly after the album release, Puscifer launched a merch as unique as the sound of ‘Existential Reckoning.’ The band came up with an old-radio-like box along with the cassette version of the album. Unfortunately, this unusual set of Puscifer ran short.

On their most recent Instagram post, the band has announced that they’re producing more of the 80s-inspired merch which is quite incredible and feels like a time travel trigger.

Here’s what was said in the last Instagram post of Puscifer:

“Working on getting more of these cassettes made. Incredible. It’s like a time travel trigger. In the meantime, you can still pick up download codes at the website.”

You can see the post below.