The iconic members of Tool, drummer Danny Carey, bassist Justin Chancellor and the frontman of the band, Maynard James Keenan had a recent interview with Classic Rock Magazine.

As you will read Maynard’s statement below, he said that Tool is not a heavy metal band. And also, Danny Carey said that Tool is not even a metal band. Maynard added that Tool is certainly not a hair metal band.

Danny Carey said that:

“I don’t think that we were ever a metal band. I can understand that maybe we’d get compared with Pink Floyd…”

Justin Chancellor added this:

“It depends what you mean by heavy metal. I always think that we’re a heavy psychedelic band.”

Maynard James Keenan chimed in:

“Yeah, it’s all about language. So, were Black Sabbath a metal band?

If Black Sabbath are a metal band, then I guess that we are, too. But when I listen to things like [Sabbath’s third studio album, 1971’s] ‘Master of Reality’, I hear sort-of heavy political rock ‘n’ roll. I guess I don’t really hear them as heavy metal.

It’s meaty, it’s really weighty shit, and I would compare us to something like that. It’s not heavy as a genre or anything but the effect is similar. It’s not about the types of guitars, it’s just how it was made. Well, we’re certainly not a hair metal band.”

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