Tool has offered a second version of their reissued 2019 album, ‘Fear Inoculum,’ after facing a severe backlash following their release of the exclusive limited edition of the album with a price tag of $810.

The band released their fifth studio album, ‘Fear Inoculum,’ on August 30, 2019, after thirteen years of break. It took so long for them to release new material as they had been dealing with severe issues since the release of their previous album. It was regarded as a very strong comeback for many, and the album topped the U.S. Billboard chart. It was widely praised for its layered framework and complex musical themes.

Tool shared a post on their official Instagram account a few days ago and announced their new ‘Fear Inoculum’ Ultra Deluxe Vinyl box set with a price of $810. Upon seeing the announcement, some fans started to criticize the band due to its high price. The band justified the price by saying that it was an exclusive collection. However, later on, the band decided to offer a second version, probably due to the backlash.

The band recently announced that the general release of the collection will include the same five LPs, and also the other qualities coming with the first version. The only difference is they won’t be signed by the band members. The first version of the sets is autographed, but the second version won’t have that. However, it is good news for the fans that it will cost $170, which is much cheaper than the exclusive collection. It will be available for the general release on April 8, 2022.