Tool and Puscifer’s iconic frontman Maynard James Keenan took to Puscifer’s official Instagram account to show his gratitude for the local restaurant that provides him good products.

As we all know that Puscifer is going to release a new album this year due to the posts that they shared, this time, Maynard just used the account of Puscifer for personal wishes.

While the fans waiting for a new announcement or teaser about the upcoming album of the band, Maynard just thanked to the restaurant that made great meals for their daily life, which also could mean they are working hard that they can’t spent time in the kitchen.

In this way, Maynard proved once again that he is a humble person and a true gentleman. Also, System Of A Down vocalist Serj Tankian shared his reaction in the comment section.

On the other hand, fans felt a little bit disappointed because of the recent photo Maynard shared. We can say that everyone is expecting new music or material from the upcoming album by Puscifer. That’s the reason the fans are following them on Instagram.

Here is what Maynard James Keenan wrote:

Thank you, Veggie Badman FnB Restaurant for the Harvest Fuel.”

Serj Tankian added this comment:


You can check out the post below.