Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan wrote a recent tweet on his verified Twitter account and responded to the tweet of the fan who claimed that he solved the lyrics of the recent Tool song: Descending.

A Twitter user named Valtteri Saarinen said that:

“Stay the grand finale, stay the reading of our swan song and epilogue one try to stay alive, elementary, muster every fiber, move the line.” Does this look familiar?”

Maynard simply responded:


Valtteri mentioned Maynard and said:

“Oh damn, gotta listen some more then.”

Here is the lyric Reddit user named HenosisGuy wrote:

“Seems to be
Steer us from our
Walking slumber
???? and call us all to open water.
To be or not to be.
Rise. Steal the grand finale
Steal the meaning of our swan song and epilogue.
One. Try. To. Stay. Alive.
Never meant to be.
Muster every fiber.
Stay alive.
Steer us from our
Walking slumber
??? and call us out to open water”

You can see the tweets right below:

Click here for the source. You can listen to the live performance of that song below.