Besides using a personal account on Twitter, Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan also known as the admin of the official Puscifer account.

A Twitter user named Jason Mycol posted a recent tweet tagging Puscifer, Tool and Maynard James Keenan and criticized Maynard about the upcoming Tool album.

Here is what Jason wrote:

“@mjkeenan wouldn’t the most punk thing to do at this point be to just completely refuse to listen to the new @Tool album.

I mean, it’s not 97 anymore, and between @aperfectcircle #EatTheElephant and @puscifer, it feels like the best thing to do is let Tool fade away. Thoughts?”

Maynard responded via Puscifer’s account:

$$$$ > @Jason_myco”

Jason wrote this back:

“I have nothing to promote & not really clever enough to warrant a follow, but if you’re so inclined please donate to the El Paso Community Foundation. They are actually helping victims, not just #ThinkingAndPraying.”

Maynard didn’t respond to that tweet. You can see the conversation below.