The versatile frontman of Tool, Puscifer and A Perfect Circle, Maynard James Keenan, has reacted to a tweet flood via the official Twitter account of Puscifer.

A Twitter user Chris Mueller, who is introducing himself as the manager of a Starbucks, has shared a story by flooding some tweet series.

Another Twitter user named Blaine has retweeted Chris’ story by saying something over it. Some reason, Maynard chimed in the conversation and wrote a comment in his own style.

Here’s what Chris said:

“I’m the manager of a Starbucks in Charlotte NC. I have informed my employees that they will be fired on the spot if I hear them say “Merry Christmas” to any customers. I’m doing it because I personally dislike conservative Christians.”

Blaine responded:

“If you think conservatives aren’t funny, just read their hilarious responses to this obvious joke that they obviously get”

Then, Maynard chimed in and said:

“I haven’t laughed that hard since the last time I laughed that hard. Tuesday last, if memory serves. Good read. #lightenupfrancis”

You can reach the tweets below.