Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan has posted a funny meme which contain him and Taylor Swift on Twitter a week ago. As you can see here, Maynard mocked Taylor Swift with “Avengers: Endgame” reference.

After that share on Twitter, some fans had a serious argument about Maynard’s attitude. A Taylor Swift fan wrote:

“U r a piece of shit for tweeting this. But hay good luck with that no 1 for 1 week. Next week it’s gonna be -87 on billboard hot 200. Taylors streaming numbers gonna keep her album weeks on top 10 on hot 200. Nobody gonna remember ur garbage album @mjkeenan”

Another fan responded:

“Look at you, poor little fella”

Swift fan wrote again:

“It’s not just about this tweet, ur fav making publication report how tool defeated Taylor, they should be humble they atleast achieved a no 1 album tho younger generation don’t know who they are. But hay pissing off Taylor gonna hurt em one way another”

Another fan responded to Swift fan:

“not even that big of a tool fan but i assure you there is no chance taylor can touch their reputation as one of/the best psych metal bands of all time”

Swift fan replied again:

“Taylor has no interest of being known as some garage old geezer metal band. She’s worth 400 million dollar. List of her achievements goes on and on.( Check the internet) She’s 13 years in her career,she’s still her, she smart and talented enough to keep relevancy years to come”

Another user responded:

“Wow does this reek of desperation. Imagine being this buttmad about a musical artist or that artist bumping a woman from the number 1 spot. Sad little man. Dont worry I’m sure shes got a whole team of people thinking up her next set of songs about her relationships”

Finally, Maynard James Keenan responded to that conversation via Puscifer’s Twitter account, and finished that argument. He said:

“Leave him be. #zombiefood #futurefossilfuel”

Check out the tweet below.