In a recent topic on Reddit, a user named Stook11812 has shared his observations about latest Tool live show that he was attended two days ago.

The Reddit user gave some interesting details about the show. According to his statement, Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan yelled at drummer Danny Carey for his mistake on drums.

Here’s the full observations of him:

“Last night was my first Tool concert and I had the time of my life. I had the biggest grin on my face all night (that might have been the weed but I doubt it) my favorites for the night were Pneuma, 46&2, and Vicarios was pretty cool where Maynard walked around with a microphone around his waist singing into it with a corded mic. The laser show and all the cool effects were really top notch as well.

Maynard was very active like he is know for is his younger years which was great. He would get all low and sway back and forth with a lot of energy in between parts he would sing and was all over the stage!

I feel like Maynard really did well for Aenema, the pot, and part of me. (A Tool member made a bad mistake onstage recently).

Danny killed it in drums, I was in section 128 and had a great view of Danny killing drums all night. The end if Pneuma and 46&2 were my favorite parts of the night for drums especially.

And the part where Maynard goes “Danny are you high?” Danny shrugs then Maynard goes “this man is fucking stoned!” (Danny fucked up lol) was such a cool moment.

Adam seemed so chill the whole concert. He looked at the crowd a couple times and waves which was cool. He looked so relaxed playing and was killing it.

And last but not least Justin looked like he was having a great time on base. Arching his back as he was playing and really getting into it. Especially when he had the spotlight in the beginning of Pneuma, that was great!”

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