Tool’s legendary frontman, songwriter, producer, and winemaker Maynard James Keenan was recently interviewed by Joe Rogan Experience of PowerfulJRE.

Maynard revealed the reason why Tool waited so many years to enter streaming services.

Here is his statement, transcribed by Ultimate-Guitar:

“We tried that before, like, ‘No, no, we want you to hear our whole album in sequence.’ And people were, like, ‘Like you play them live?’

We’ve never played an album start to finish, but I’m not the guy that said, ‘Oh, no, we want you to hear…’ Yeah, and away we go, it’s out there in the ether.”


“So, why have you guys not had anything on streaming up until this moment?”

Maynard James Keenan responded:

“Yeah, no… I can’t… I love my brothers.

I’m just gonna take the fifth on that one.

Just the typical Tool time, like, ‘What, there was a meeting?[Laughs]”

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