Tool and A Perfect Circle frontman Maynard James Keenan spoke about their upcoming album during in an interview with Junkee and gave interesting details about the personalities of his bandmates.

He talked about how they were worked on a new album and said:

“You’ve got four very strong personalities and they all…mostly disagree, and it’s a fight in the room to get your piece in and compromise with the other guys, and it’s a process for me that is frankly exhausting. Every decision should be to serve the song. But I get the dynamic, I understand the dynamic.

But for one more strong-willed pig-headed person to be in the room while the rest of them are being that same way…four pig-heads in the room is bad. So I’ll remove my pig-head and let them have their pig-head interaction until they have sorted it out, and then I’ll roll in.”

Guitarist Adam Jones added:

“We take math, we take geometry, we take different concepts and try and apply them to music and see if it has some kind of harmonic result that would be exciting or rewarding.

I always tell people, we’re not wizards, we’re not sitting in the light and we’re not these great thinkers, we’re just kids going, ‘Oh wow! I’ve got this riff and it kind of has this thing and there’s this concept, and it leads to something else.’”

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