A Perfect Circle, Puscifer and Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan has attended to recent episode of BBC Radio 1’s Rock Show, and revealed the true reason of why we had to wait 13 years for new Tool album.

As you know, Tool’s new album, Fear Inoculum, was released three days ago via all streaming services. And one of the biggest mysteries of that album was revealed by Maynard today. Here’s the conversation:

Maynard said:

“I think a lot of it is just the age where you want it to be right. We’ve had some success in the past and the fear of this [album] coming out and not being accepted, the fear that it’s not as good as it can be – that can be detrimentally crippling.”

Interviewer said:

“Yeah, of course.”

Maynard continued, and revealed the reason of 13 years of waiting:

“You know, probably, and if I haven’t flunked out of psychology 101 I would have to say: “Well yeah, that’s why it would take thirteen years to write something.”  Because you’re paranoid that it’s not going to be the best it can be, and then you second guess every single step you make.

When it was good enough, actually I shouldn’t say ‘good enough,’ when it was fantastic eight years ago, but then the crippling second-guessing of yourself sets in, and that psychiatry, that spiral you get in, can be extremely daunting and you can not even feel it happening. All of a sudden you just wake up and it’s thirteen years later.”

You can reach the source of the conversation here via Alternative Nation.