Tool and Puscifer’s iconic frontman, Maynard James Keenan had a new interview with LA Weekly and confessed that he’s a little bit selfish person at all.

As you will read his answer below, doing a daily routine and things that seem normal are more important than everything.

Here is his statement:

“Winemaking’s not more important than music-making. I make both, and I enjoy and need both. And not just those things, but cooking, raising birds and dogs and kids and all those things. We need all those things.”

Everything else is a selfish activity, me making music, me making wine, that’s all me, me, me, me being me, wanting to do what I want to do. But as far as the actual community building, planting the vines and letting that legacy continue, I feel like that’s bigger than us.”

He continued:

“As far as continuing after you, to really know that it comes after you, vineyards and the state where I live — in that way, it’s more important than all those things. I think establishing the pattern, establishing the place is more important.

I really don’t see any of them as being a side or main project. The only main project is the one in front of me in that particularly given hour. We all help express each other. Puscifer, A Perfect Circle, and the wine are just another dimension of Tool and vice versa.”

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