Tool and A Perfect Circle frontman Maynard James Keenan was interviewed at the ceremony of Grammy Awards in late 2018. He has revealed who’s responsible for long-awaited new Tool album.

According to Alternative Nation’s report, Maynard said it was his Tool bandmates Adam Jones, Danny Carey, and Justin Chancellor who ‘weren’t ready’ to do new Tool music when he wanted to. Here’s the statement:

“I think it was just time. I was really busy with Puscifer for quite a while. Then I was gonna get back into doing some Tool music, and they (Adam, Danny and Justin) weren’t ready, so I was like [to A Perfect Circle guitarist Billy Howerdel], ‘Hey, what’s up?’”

Billy Howerdel chimed in:

“A lot of times on this record we had the song kind of almost complete, and then he put the vocals on top. It was pretty amazing. Maynard had a lot more input into the music this time, just to, you know, try to some things, because he knew where he was gonna go vocally.

He wasn’t in the room when I was working on the music, so we’d kind of lightly steer in that direction. And I think it worked out because he just had something in mind and then was able to throw the solid final performance on top of it.”

Maynard continued:

“First and foremost, it’s a reaction to the melodies and structures and time signatures that the group of musicians are presenting me, whether it’s Mat Mitchell, or Billy, or Tool. It’s all a reaction melodically to those rhythms, constructing it in a way that feels like an actual conversation. And I of course react better when they’re not in 4/4. I don’t speak in 4/4.”

Then [I] figure out where that emotion is going, and then just look at your life experiences, what you’re experiencing at the moment, and attach a set of words or a circumstance to that set of rhythms and melodies to see if it opens up a whole story, because you know, human interaction, human experience from birth to death, there’s an infinite number of flavors and colors and bandwidths and emotions that come with those experiences.”

Click here to source of the statement. (Alternative Nation)