Maynard James Keenan, the lead singer of Tool, Perfect Circle, Puscifer, talked about Puscifer’s new album with Carina Round in a recent interview. Keenan also opened up about his choice of career if the music industry comes to an end.

After moving to Los Angeles, Keenan met Adam Jones and he was impressed with Keenan’s vocals, eventually he two formed a band named Tool. The band released five studio albums. After some legal issues, Keenan began working with a band named A Perfect Circle, with whom he released four albums. Keenan now works with Puscifer and their new album is out in addition to 3 studio albums.

While things are holding for Maynard’s businesses currently, it could be a very different story if the world’s difficulties continue for another couple of years. Since the threat coronavirus poses to music is undeniable. Maynard was asked if he sees hopeful of a way out. He basically said change and adaptation are inevitable during the interview.

Here is what Keenan said:

“Whatever gravy train you think we’re on, it’s stopped several times in the past 15 years. Nothing is forever. The only constant is change.”

Maynard is no stranger to being pushed by circumstances, more than 30 years of experience, and with music such an established component in Maynard’s life, the interviewer asked how would he feel if it were to stop as suddenly as it began.

Here is how he answered:

“It would suck. But I would find a way as I’m a resilient person. It’s not the end of life; it’s the end of that path. If that path is blocked, you fucking find a way around it!”

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