Tool, A Perfect Circle, and Puscifer’s legendary musician and one of the most talented multi-talented stars of all time, Maynard James Keenan, has posted a new tweet to give breaking news about his bandmate’s new project.

According to the tweet of Maynard, his bandmate from A Perfect Circle, Josh Freese is asking ten words from his friends and making psychedelic videos out of it. The 12th guest of the series named ‘Quickies: Foaming Meats’ was Maynard himself.

In the same tweet, Maynard shared the exact link of the Instagram post and wished good luck to his fans while watching that ‘acid trip’ like video.

Here are the things that Maynard wrote:

“So Josh Freese me for a few lines to use in his “Quickies” series. I believe we are #12. Good luck.”

Later on, his friend and his friend and bandmate from A Perfect Circle, Josh Freese wrote a caption with the post and reminded that anyone who wants to feel the effect of the project should use earbuds.

Here is what he wrote:

“#12 ‘Foaming Meats’ “Hey Maynard, text me audio talking into your phone (10 words or less) and I’ll splice it into something.” Listen with earbuds.

Once Emeril arrives you just don’t get the same effect when listening on phone speaker. @puscifer #aperfectcircle #darkweb #nightmarefuel”

You can check out the Instagram post and the tweet of Maynard right below.