Tool and Puscifer frontman Maynard James Keenan was recently interviewed by Metal Hammer this week to share his thoughts on the live streams of the rock and heavy metal music scene during the coronavirus outbreak and whether they will get away after these days.

As you may already know, Puscifer made their first-ever live show during the self-quarantine named ‘Billy D and The Hall of Feathered Serpents featuring Money $hot by Puscifer’ as a pay-per-view event yesterday, and it was on air on many live streaming platforms.

In his latest conversation with Metal Hammer, Maynard claimed that Livestream events will not get away during the post-coronavirus days. Puscifer frontman stated that the safe bet for things to get back to normal is 2022. He also shared the whole story of the title, ‘Billy D And The Hall Of Feathered Serpents’ comes from.

Here is what he said about the latest live stream:

“The Mayan Theater is like one of those crazy places in the 20s that stuff went on that you didn’t want to tell your parents about.

Mat was sitting there in between takes in the dressing room and he looked up and he saw photos on the wall, and he goes, ‘Holy shit, that area of the building is called The Hall Of Feathered Serpents. Shouldn’t it be Billy D And The Hall Of Feathered Serpents?’ And of course, it was unanimous. Why not?”

He continued:

“I think the smartest thing would be just to look to 2022, let it all settle down, let it all fix itself or figure out what the next step is. I think a lot of people are getting vaccines, so I think that’ll end up being of benefit, but I think the safe bet is 2022.”

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