Tool legend Maynard James Keenan’s interesting speech has been unearthed by a fan on Reddit.

 NicolasGuacamole wrote this:

“In old recordings I’ve heard MJK say some funny stuff at concerts. At Berlin he said very little. It was amusing but yeah pretty sparse.

He spoke three times, the first he said ‘Berlin’. Then something like ‘Is anyone in the audience below 26, when we wrote this next song you weren’t even sperm yet’ (intolerance).

Lastly, it was just basically saying stand down security let people use phones for the last song.”

Another user named Cicero0292 wrote this:

“Only time he spoke when I saw them was pre-Opiate. Something along the lines of when you’re trying to figure out the truth “I assume that everything I already know is wrong, and then I go from there.” Really phoned it in on that one.”

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