Tool and Puscifer frontman Maynard James Keenan spoke in the recent interview with Revolver Magazine and stunned the followers by revealing the number of employees he has.

As you might already know, Maynard is a busy man but he is not just working about his musical career. He also has investments like wine factories and restaurants.

During the conversation, Maynard impressed everybody by revealing that he has 116 employees working in these restaurants and factories, and he has been trying to make their life better in the self-quarantine days.

Furthermore, Maynard is making sure that everybody under his brand gets their basic needs like bread, pasta, rice, cheese, during the coronavirus outbreak. In this way, he showed how a great person he is.

Interviewer asked:

“Before we take about Puscifer, I have to ask: Are you good on toilet paper?”

Maynard James Keenan replied:

“What is going on with that? The immediate hoarding of that… what is the ground zero of that unconscious panic? Or even the understanding that if you just get a little bit, the manufacturing will continue and you won’t fuck up the flow, and we’ll get through this in a calm, collected manner.

Instead, they just crushed everything. I mean, if you do the math — you see someone walk out of the store with this many rolls, that means they must have 25 buttholes in their house shitting 16 times a day each — for five months. That’s the only way that makes sense. It’s a strange phenomenon.”

He continued:

“But because we have restaurants, we were able to get things through our wholesaler like toilet paper, paper towels and soap.

When we had to shut everything down, we wanted to make sure we could do packs every week for our employees — I have 116 people on payroll out here with the various businesses — so we make sure everyone gets a bag with fresh pasta, some toilet paper, rice, cheese, meats, a little bit of wine and fresh-baked bread.

So they at least have that once a week that they can just pick up which hopefully, in theory, will save them a trip to the store and some exposure, but it’s such a small gesture. If you have a household of four people, that bag is not gonna go very far.”

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