Maynard James Keenan announced that he wants to take a break from using social media for a while due to a saddening loss.

One thing is for certain about Maynard James Keenan; he deeply loves animals. Looking through his social media posts, one can see that he owns several pets and cherishes them. The Tool frontman even worked at a pet shop before his musical career, and his pets include dogs, chickens, birds, and more.

However, among those pets, one of his dogs had been keeping him company for a long time. Her name was MiHo, and she was a Yorkshire Terrier. Back in July, Keenan also adopted another Yorkie named Shoresy to accompany MiHo.

Keenan’s long-time companion was 16 years old, and Keenan took her everywhere he went. Therefore, the lovely pup witnessed almost every recording the musician has done. However, she recently left her owner devastated with her passing.

According to Keenan’s latest Instagram post, MiHo had been battling pancreatitis and kidney disease for two years. Sadly, she lost her battle and passed away at the age of 16. As it appears, this tragic news was quite painful for Keenan, so he decided to turn off comments and take a break from social media for a while to process his grief.

In the post, Maynard included a compilation video of the moments he shared with MiHo. He also revealed that he wrote the song named ‘A Singularity’ for his beloved dog back in 2019, when he was afraid of losing her. Moreover, Keenan talked about MiHo’s importance in his life and revealed the songs he recorded with her by his side.

Maynard James Keenan’s Instagram post read:

“Today I lost my Muse. Deadly Little MiHo lost her 2 year battle with Pancreatitis and Kidney Disease. We thought we lost her in late 2019, so I panicked and wrote her this song. We were certain she was done for. But we were blessed with a second chance and a bit more time. I rarely share things like this. Too painful. But this one can’t be kept bottled up. Forgive the rush edit on this video. I threw this together just now and am far from focused.

As I have mentioned before, she has been hiding in most of my vocal tracks since 2005. She was either in or near the vocal booth every time I tracked. Her sigh, her bark, sniffle, sneeze, her jingling collar, her squeaky toys. Usually poorly timed.

Performance Credits – Puscifer – V is for Vagina, Don’t Shoot the Messenger E.P., V is for Viagra remixes, C is for…E.P., Conditions of My Parole, All ReMixed Up, Donkey Punch the Night E.P., Money Shot, Money Shot Your ReLoad, Existential Reckoning, E.R. ReWire. A Perfect Circle – By & Down Single, Eat the Elephant. Tool – 10,000 Days, Fear Inoculum. Her track is called ‘A Singularity’ by Puscifer from the Existential Reckoning album.

I’ll be turning off comments and taking a break from the Socials for a minute so I can process this. Thank you in advance for your understanding. Peace.”

You can check out the song Keenan mentioned in the post below.