Tool and Puscifer’s legendary frontman Maynard James Keenan celebrated his 56th birthday yesterday and broke his long-time personal social media silence after almost 4 months.

However, Maynard got back to his old routine and continued to share new stuff about the band and himself via Puscifer’s official Twitter account.

Today, Maynard posted a new tweet on Puscifer’s official Twitter account and announced that ‘Puscifer Survival Kit – Limited Edition’ is now available on Puscifer Shop. The kit includes lots of stuff grom facemasks to pair of chopsticks, condom to chocolate squares.

Here is what’s written on the tweet of Puscifer:

For all the Puscifer Preppers out there- Puscifer limited edition survival kit stuffed with essentials. Reserve yours before time runs out.

This item is in pre-order status and is expected to begin shipping on or around May 22.

And here is the official statement on the Puscifer Shop:

“Due to this boxes’ inscrutable nature it ships from a confidential source and cannot be combined with other merch items in the shopping cart. You are encouraged to place a separate order if you would like to receive additional Puscifer items.”

You can check out the tweet of Puscifer right below, and if you want to check out the whole stuff of the Limited Edition Kit, click here.