As we all know, no songs of Tool nor any of their albums are available on Spotify or Apple Music. So you won’t find them on any streaming services and probably never will…

A fan named Rich Williams mentioned Maynard and wrote:

“Not only would I download a @Tool app from @mjkeenan, I would pay $19.99 per album in lossless format. Please, Maynard, help keep #TOOL as relevant and accessible as it’s always been. My @Tesla doesn’t have a phonograph…”

Maynard James Keenan said that he’s not responsible for Tool albums not being on streaming services. He wrote:

“Squawking at the wrong tool.”

Maynard’s other two bands, A Perfect Circle and Puscifer, are available for all streaming services. So he doesn’t have a problem with any streaming services. Apparently, he pointed the other band members as target.

Back in March 2018, a fan said:

“The band already commented on this that they will not put any tool songs whatsoever on any streaming service.”

And Maynard responded:

“No. The band never said that. That would be absurd. Perhaps there is a more logical reason for a lack of presence on iTunes & other digital services. #dysfunctional #indecisive #etcetera.”

You can see the tweet below.