One of the finest Tool fan clubs on the social media, ToolPusciferApc asked a crucial question about Maynard James Keenan‘s whole carrer, and the fan page want to know Keenan’s best vocal performance.

Here is the caption:

“This should be an interesting discussion! Via @revolvermag #MaynardJamesKeenan @aperfectcircle @puscifer @toolmusic”

Here is what’s written on the photo:

“What is Maynard James Keenan’s best vocal performance?”

mr_shellshock made the most liked comment:

“Ticks and leeches- bummer we’ll probably never hear it live.”

mouthwash1114 said that:

“Pushit live from Salival”

Another user named .nerd2a:

“The famous Pink Pop concert when he performed “Sober”

You can check the post below.