The official and verified Instagram account of Megadeth posted a recent photo and announced that their brand new shirts are available for a limited time.

As you might check out the photo of Megadeth below, they indicated that fans will get a free COVID-19 mask with every single shirt they will buy. Also, Megadeth will give away a portion of proceeds to COVID-19 relief efforts.

Here is the official announcement:

“Last Chance – New tees are available for a limited time. Each purchase comes with a free #VicRattlehead mask, and a portion of all proceeds will go to COVID-19 relief efforts. Click the link in our bio.”

An Instagram user and a Megadeth fan, guilhermepedrosa7, commented on the post:

“The one in the middle looks appropriate for the moment.”

Another user, spill.the.crionics shared his thoughts on the merch:

“I like the countdown a lot but sadly I don’t like to wear long sleeves.”

Check out the recent post of Megadeth below.