Megadeth recently posted a photo of their frontman and co-founder Dave Mustaine on their official Instagram account and announced that Mustaine will be going on live on Thursday, January 14 to talk about their band and answer their fans’ questions.

As you may remember, Dave Mustaine had started his own radio show named ‘The Dave Mustaine Show‘ back in 2017. The show airs on Gimme Metal Radio which is an all-metal streaming radio platform. As he did his shows on Thursday, this led to the coining of the word ‘Thursdave‘ in honor of the metal star’s radio show.

Although the show has been a success since day one, it has been going on and off since 2017. However, since this past year, because Mustaine probably had more free time, the show has been airing quite frequently. In fact, Mustaine had decided to host a New Year’s Eve special radio show to keep company to his devoted fans and ‘send-off 2020 listening to killer tunes.’

Megadeth recently posted a photo on their official Instagram account and announced that Mustaine will be hosting yet another show today as it’s ‘THURSDAVE.’ Megadeth fans will be able to listen to the show for free, but if they want to ask questions in the ‘chat-mosh‘ they need to have either a paid or free trial. Nonetheless, it’s definitely a radio show that no metal-head should miss.

Here’s what Megadeth said in the caption of their recent Instagram post:

“Thank goodness it’s #THURSDAVE! Get ready chat-moshing brigaders (paid or free trial) in the LIVE CHAT & lurking Dave Mustaine listeners (free to listen)! The Megadeth main man is front & center of the Gimme Metal waves TOMORROW Noon PT / 3 pm ET on Gimme Metal’s webpage.”

You can click here to check out the photo that Megadeth posted on their Instagram account.