Megadeth bassist David Ellefson recently posted an announcement post on his Instagram account and revealed that he’ll start his ‘storyteller concert series’ in just a few months and invited his fans to join him on this event which will be ‘filled with songs and stories spanning David’s legendary career.’

Just over a week ago, Ellefson had made it to our headlines with his latest project Ellefson-Soto involving sons of Apollo’s lead vocalist Jeff Scott Soto. However, it seems like Ellefson cannot stop himself from getting involved in more and more projects as he recently announced his upcoming concert series ‘David Ellefson Bass Chronicles.’

In the caption of his recent Instagram post, Ellefson gave details about the event including the dates and venues. The event was described as a ‘chronological set filled with songs and stories’ from his career and it was revealed that during these concerts he’ll also perform some deep cuts that have rarely been performed before.

Ellefson went on to say that people are quite excited to go on live shows again and that this is the reason why The David Ellefson Bass Chronicles band approaches these events like a ‘traveling pop-up experience’ in which fans can watch a show, explore their merch, and even have some food with the band at the VIP dinners. He finished his message by advising his fans to ‘get ready for a full night out!’

Here’s what was written in the caption:

“Grammy Award-winning bassist David Ellefson has announced his new ‘David Ellefson Bass Chroniclesstoryteller concert series with four shows across the eastern Midwest USA. Each event will be presented as a chronological set filled with songs and stories spanning David’s legendary career, along with some deep cuts that have rarely (or never) been performed live from his catalog of work.

The dates, venues, and ticket info can be found here:

September 23- Pittsburgh, PA- Crafthouse

September 24- Akron, OH – Empire Concert Club

September 25- Marietta, OH – The Adelphia

September 26- Richmond, IN- The Firehouse

Combat Records ™ recording artist Dead By Wednesday will be the direct support on all dates.”

This is how the event was described:

“The David Ellefson Bass Chronicles band will be comprised of Ellefson, Andre Vanchot (Eddie Ojeda Band) on vocals, drummer Christian ‘Opus’ Lawrence (Dead By Wednesday) and guitarists Dave Sharpe (Dead By Wednesday) and Drew Fortier (Bang Tango), who also co-wrote Rock Star Hitman (Ellefson Book Co.) with Ellefson and is the writer, director, and star of Dwellers (Ellefson Films) which is the award-winning found footage horror film produced by David Ellefson that will be released on Blu Ray/DVD/Digital on October 12 via Ellefson Films.

Says Ellefson, ‘I’m excited to head out and hit the stage again as we’re preparing a special list of songs, including some rarities which have never been performed live.’

VIP dinner packages will be available for each show, as well as copies of Ellefson’s new fictional book Rock Star Hitman (The Sledge Chronicles) and other concert merchandise. A behind-the-scenes video and teaser screening of the upcoming Dwellers film is also being arranged at select events.

Ellefson continues, ‘People are excited about live shows again so we’re approaching these events like a traveling pop-up experience where you can catch a show, see a flick, buy some merch, and even break bread with the band at the VIP dinners. So, get ready for a full night out!’

More information on the events, including VIP Dinner purchases, can be found at the Ellefson store webpage.

*All events will adhere to local ordinances of Covid-19 safety.”

You can check out Ellefson’s post below.

Photo Credit: David Ellefson – Instagram