Megadeth co-founder and the bassist of the band for many years, David Ellefson, deleted his official Twitter account this week following disabling comments on his Facebook account and set his Instagram account to a private account.

As you might already hear the recent news that Ellefson’s leaked sex video shocked the rock and heavy metal music scene earlier this month, and he made an official statement on his Instagram account. Megadeth bassist admitted that he’s the person on the videos, however, he denied the claims that the girl he was talking with was not an adult at that time.

In the same week, the official Instagram account of the band made a public announcement while disabling the comment section and admitted that Megadeth is aware of the statements regarding David and they are watching the developments closely. Megadeth also stated that there are aspects of the bassist’s private life that he has to kept to himself.

Right after the statement, David released yet another statement on his official Instagram account and set his page to a private account. And this week, Ellefson decided to leave Twitter and disabled his account at all.

You can check out what you will see when you visit Ellefson’s Twitter account right below.

Photo Credit: David Ellefson Twitter