Megadeth bassist and co-founder David Ellefson was recently interviewed by ‘Into The Necrosphere’ podcast this week and he was asked his recommendations for young musicians who need help for having a better life.

As you may already know, the legendary heavy metal band Megadeth is working on their latest solo album named ‘The Sick, The Dying And The Dead‘ for a while, and Dave Mustaine and Ellefson are putting the finishing touches to the upcoming recording. While they did not announce the exact release date, the album is expected to be released this year.

In his latest interview with Into The Necrosphere, Megadeth bassist stated that the days of the music scene putting big money on many ‘junkie musicians’ came to an end. He also stated that those who think music is their passion should do this professionally.

Here is what he said:

“Well, I don’t give advice, but I can just share my own experience. And I was that person where, by age 23, strung out,  Capitol Records, our band doing great. All the problems we had were because of a drug-and-alcohol lifestyle. Our manager came in and said, ‘Hey, the future looks bright. It’s yours to have. But you guys have gotta get cleaned up. You’ve gotta get it together.’ And it was interesting, ’cause it was right at a time when other famous bands that we know were also getting clean.

And the days of the music industry putting big money on fucked up junkie rock stars, that day was after. And they made that very clear, like, ‘That party is over. We’re not dealing with that. We’re here to be successful, make money, have success and go to the top. And if you can be high while doing it, then let’s go, but if you can’t, then you need to change your ways, because we’re going to the top.

And if you can’t get there with us, we’re gonna drop you off right here. Enjoy the rest of your life.’ And I heard that very clear. And I got that message early on. I was, like, ‘Yeah, the party’s gotta stop, man. Because I’m here for the music, and this is my passion and my ambition to do this professionally.'”

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