During a recent interview with Sweetwater, Megadeth bassist David Ellefson has revealed the secret of how he gets his bass guitar tone.

He said:

“It’s funny, I’ve never been much of a pedalboard guy. I wanted to be, but I never… the stomp-pedals, the tone just… they’re not professional-sounding, you know.

You can kind of get away with it on guitars because there’s a lot of gain, a lot of distortion, but bass is a very clean instrument. And I’ve always had a really clean tone, I play really clean, I like to hear it real clean and kind of get right inside the kick drum, you know.

So these sounds are super-professional. You plug in and immediately you hear – even just a clean bass tone… a DI can be very sterile and very unromantic. And when you plug into this, you get a real, warm, professional tone.”

I’ve always said: when you plug into an amplifier, if you gotta really start tweaking stuff wildly, that may not be the amp for you. Get something that when set flat sounds pretty good.

One size doesn’t fit all, obviously – but what we’ve tried to do with this unit is make it so that it could serve a whole multitude of purposes.

You know, bass players, we’re not traditionally pedalboard people. When we started with this, I went, ‘I don’t know. Do bass players even use pedalboards?’

But as we started to get into the tones, I started to realize this isn’t just a pedalboard in front of an amp, but just as importantly, it’s a pedalboard that can replace an amp.”

Watch entire interview below. Click here to source of the statement.