Megadeth bassist David Ellefson spoke in an interview with MA Entertainment Global and explained his thoughts about the real problem of heavy metal people.

He mentioned a ‘great line’ from Freddie Mercury and said:

“I always had [faith]. I’m a little different. I’m not this evangelical approach where I need to be… Have you seen the new Queen movie? There’s a great line Freddie Mercury says toward the end of the movie, and it’s sort of this cautionary tale of ‘we saved one from rock and roll,’ and ‘he’s now on our side’ — us against them.

And that’s the problem heavy metal people have when someone says, ‘Hey, I got clean.I found a new kind of faith journey.’ Because it sounds like that — it sounds like, ‘Oh, no. Here we go again.’ But that’s not my story.”

He continued:

“I was a kid who grew up on a farm — Lutheran kid — and I just kind of always had this simple faith. It was in my family. It was part of the fabric of the Midwest kind of farming working class. So when I was getting into drugs and drinking and doing all that stuff, I knew I was moving in the wrong direction.

So, for me, it was really kind of just sort of of this coming back to… I mean, my prayer was real simple: ‘God, I’m completely screwed. Please help.’ That was the conversion prayer. It wasn’t any big religious thing; it wasn’t chariots on the clouds and these other angelic descriptions. It was pretty simple: ‘Dude, I’m completely screwed. I need help.’ And sometimes, when you talk to God like that, he’s always listening.

It’s just a matter of our conviction… Like the saying, ‘There’s no atheist in a foxhole.’ So when stuff gets tough and times get tough, sometimes that’s what kind of drives us to our knees, figuratively speaking. And even in rock and roll, that happens.”

You can watch the entire interview from below. Source, Blabbermouth.