Speaking in a recent interview with Dom Famularo of The Sessions Panel, Megadeth bassist David Ellefson has shared story about how he earned money from music for the first time.

He said “I remember there was a gig at the local armory and they actually paid us money“, here’s the full statement:

“I was focused on being a professional from the day I got the bass at age 11. I mean, literally, a few months later, I met… My brother, I had an older brother, two years older than me, in school, and so I hooked up with a couple of his buddies, a guitar player and a drummer, and we formed our first little three-piece band. An again, [we were] playing the porch for mom and dad, whatever — anywhere we could play.

And eventually, I remember there was a gig at the local armory and they actually paid us money, so now we’re actually technically in show biz. [We were at a point where we were] getting paid to play. And it’s awesome. And I just remember, now you’ve gotta have a setlist, you’ve gotta have some stage clothes, you’ve got a look, how, ‘Hey, don’t go on the stage before the curtain goes….’ You know what I mean? You kind of learn professional acumen from the very beginning.

And, of course, there’s other bands around you, and most have more experience. I was always the young guy in every band I was in. Even Megadeth, when we started Megadeth many years later, I was always the youngest for many years. And so I was always the youngest guy in those stages.

And I would watch and I would learn and I would pay attention and I would see… And even things like, ‘Hey, they have a road crew. They’ve got a guitar tech. There seems to be a guy managing this thing. They’ve got a semitruck, and we have a van. How do we get to that?’ And on it goes.

And it’s still the same thing even today in Megadeth. We’ll show up with four trucks, and someone else has eight. It’s, like, ‘All right. Well, how do we get to eight?’ And it’s just kind of how this business has been for me ever since I got that bass guitar at age 11.”

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