During a recent interview with Trunk Nation of SiriusXM, Anthrax bassist Frank Bello and Megadeth bassist David Ellefson has revealed an untold story about first meeting for The Big Four tour.

David Ellefson mentioned about a secret, undisclosed location. First of all, Bello talked:

“Metallica doesn’t need to do anything. They were big enough, as people, to say, ‘Yeah, let’s celebrate this music and get together.’ And that was for the fans. That’s what I found out about that tour. That was for the fans. They don’t need anybody. They play stadiums on their own.

But this was so special. It was a feeling that you just don’t feel. You don’t feel like at normal rock shows. It was this great presence. Even the dinner we had the night before the first show. That was a feeling I don’t think we can ever touch… No agents, no managers — just the bandmembers from all four.

Ellefson said:

“It was a secret, undisclosed location. We pull up in a car and Robert Trujillo [Metallica bassist] is the door guy.”

Bello added:

 “No outside people. It was just the four bands being able to talk — the bandmembers. And we got back to a place that was beautiful, I thought.”

Ellefson chimed in:

“You know what was special about that? Usually you do these tours and you come in and it’s the production meets and then the bands say ‘hey’ in the hallways from time to time. And it’s kind of the last show, you’re, like, ‘Hey, could we say ‘hey’ to the headliner real quick?’ And it happens at the very end. And you go, ‘Wow! You guys are really cool. We should have hung out more on this tour.’ And then it’s over.

Metallica did it the opposite. They did it on the very first night. Let’s break bread. Let’s hang out. Let’s get this sort of established from the beginning, so that every time we saw each other when we showed up on site at these big festivals, man, it was just true brotherhood.”

Bello added:

“And that set the pattern for those shows. I believe it became that kind of vibe — that tour had that vibe — because of that dinner. Look, I hadn’t really hung with James [Hetfield] in a long time before that.

We’ve toured the world forever together, and just having dinner together, just sitting and eating, talking about life, kids, all that good stuff, that was big — that was big. And it was just us again — it was the musicians again. How it all started.”

You can listen to the entire interview below. Click here to source of the statement. (Blabbermouth)