During a new interview with Doc Coyle’s “The Ex-Man” podcast, Megadeth bassist David Ellefson has revealed the reason of why he’s a big fan of their biggest rival, “Metallica”.

Ellefson stated:

“I’m a big Metallica fan, starting with [the] ‘No Life ‘Til Leather’ [demo,” he said. “In fact, quite honestly, ‘No Life ‘Til Leather’, that’s my heart of METALLICA. I love ‘Kill ‘Em All’. I really love ‘Master Of Puppets’. There’s a different vibe about [‘No Life ‘Til Leather’], ’cause, obviously, Dave played on that.

So that’s why I heard it first — because when I met Dave, ‘Kill ‘Em All’ wasn’t even out yet. They had let Dave go, then they recorded ‘Kill ‘Em All’, but that album wasn’t out yet.

So this is June of ’83. What I liked was the bass player, Ron McGovney. As much as everybody’s really into Cliff [Burton], my Metallica was with Ron McGovney. And that’s why on ‘Mechanix’, when we put it on ‘Killing Is My Business’, I played Ron’s bassline.”

He also mentioned about the time when he tried to play Metallica songs, and said:

“What I noticed, sitting down to it, playing bass to it — like playing bass to Jason Newsted’s, on the ‘Black’ album, to how he played over the riffs, okay, musically, I grasped that, but to hear the vocal over it.

Because now you’re playing it as an instrumentalist inside the composition, not listening to it as a fan, kind of paying attention to the vocal and the vocal melody. Now all of a sudden, I’m going, ‘Woah! This is so, so different than anything that I’m…’ I mean, forget about thrash metal or us being from the same family tree; it was an entirely different gig.”

Listen to the entire interview below. Click here for the source. (Blabbermouth)