Megadeth bassist David Ellefson spoke in an interview with Top Guitar from Poland and revealed the ‘two hardest things’ about a rock band.

He said that ‘The two hardest things about a band is forming one and keeping it together’. Here’s the full statement:

“I always say the two hardest things about a band is forming one and keeping it together… The early ’90s, when Seattle music showed up. That’s probably the biggest example for metalheads.

No one saw that coming, and that really derailed thrash metal for a lot of years. Fortunately, most of us survived it, but there’s a lot of bands that went away. The ‘Big Four’, Testament, Overkill, but there’s a lot of other bands that it really took a toll on. As hard as we work to keep a band together inside, there’s things that come at you from outside of our band that you could never see coming.

To really be a warrior and stay the course regardless of these things, the tenacity to be a musician, I don’t know if it’s insane, stupid or if it’s just who we are. It’s probably a little bit of all of it. We’re just dumb enough to be crazy enough to keep doing it, and that I think is where the fun of it is.”

On how he was influnced by KISS, he said:

“When I was a young kid, KISS made me want to play. They made it attractive. It was larger than life. It was bigger than just me being a student in high school, living on a farm in Minnesota. It was a way to escape.

I wasn’t into comic books; I wasn’t into sports. Music, that was my tribe. To me, I understand these… I don’t even want to call them kids. It’s important that we keep the music alive.”

Click here to entire interview via Blabbermouth. You can watch it below.