During a recent interview with Argentina’s ‘TMPlay,’ Megadeth bassist David Ellefson talked about his favorite band that he likes to listen to and he revealed why he put Ghost on the top of his favorite bands list.

David Ellefson stated that the songs of Ghost were very melodic, which made them special.

Here’s what David Ellefson stated:

“The band I’ve kind of had a real affinity for in the last couple of years is GHOST. I realize they had many records out early on that I was not that familiar with, and I did not know what they sounded like based on their image.

And then when I heard them, I went, ‘This is really good music.’ It’s very melodic. There’s even some of the ’70s classic rock guitar playing to it that I really like. And the bass playing is incredible — some really disctinctive lines; the bass really helps carry it a lot.”

He also continued:

“And I also like that it’s very clean singing, because there became a trend with most everything [having] death metal vocals, and it was really fun to hear a new artist come out and have very clean vocals and also have really interesting melodies — something that I grew up on. Progressive guitar playing, progressive bass playing, but having very clean [vocals]. So, to me, GHOST kind of wraps it all together.”

You can watch the interview below.

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