Megadeth bassist David Ellefson was recently interviewed by Linea Rock, and revealed the details about the times he was away from the band, his thoughts about The Beatles legend Paul McCartney and Megadeth’s upcoming album.

Here is what he said about Paul McCartney and what he thinks on the myths about true bass players’ only playing using fingers.

David Ellefson:

“First of all, what would you say to Paul McCartney about the pick? I mean, he’s probably the most iconic, top-of-the-heap bass player ever, and he plays with a pick, you know.

What I’ve also noticed is that a lot of bass players who play with a pick are also songwriters because we also play guitar. I say ‘we’ because that’s me. I’m very much a bass player first, I’m a guitar player second, and I’m a pretty damn good rhythm-guitar player.

I don’t claim to be a lead guitar player, that’s an entirely another skill set. I’m a pretty good acoustic player, and I’m a pretty good hard rock/metal riff-based rhythm guitar player. Rhythm-guitar player, we just lost Dick Dale, the Surf King – now there’s a rhythm and lead style. I don’t play like that.

So, music can’t just be a broad category – we all start to kind of focus because of our interests. In the music I liked, harder rock – it wasn’t even metal yet, I haven’t discovered metal yet – but the harder stuff that I liked, you know, watching Tom Hamilton from Aerosmith, he played with a pick, and certainly Gene Simmons.

I noticed guys that were kind of using both and I realized there’s a time to pick, there’s a time to pluck. With some music, there’s a time to slap and pop, and so I think, as a bass player, I think you should be able to do all of it.”

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